The Burleson Church of Christ supports many mission efforts locally and abroad.  We believe that as God has continually blessed this church, we should look to bless others in turn.  God is continuing to open doors of ministry here in Burleson and beyond.

Below is a list of ministries and missions we support fully or partner with in part financially:

Missions Abroad

Daniel Chavez-Sain Alto, Mexico

Gelacio Cruz-Aguascalientes, Mexico

Hector Fernandez-Torreon, Mexico

Carlos Fernandez-Tampico, Mexico

Juan Juarez-San Pedro, Mexico

Gene & Janice Luna-Latin American Missions

Esteban Mazariegos-Tapachula, Mexico

Lou Seckler-Mexico Harvest

Eastern European Missions

Misión Para Cristo – Nicaragua

Hope For Life – Nicaragua

Healing Hands International – Water Wells in Haiti

Threads of Life – Clothing made by our members and sent to foreign countries

Ukraine Camps

Solar Powered Bibles – Haiti

China Now Missions

Northeast US Mission

Local Missions

Harvest House

Meals on Wheels

Nextstep Women’s Center

ChristianWorks for Children

Hope Farm

Prison Ministry


Spring & Summer Campaigns

World Bible School

World Christian Broadcasting

Various Children’s Homes