Life Groups

What is Life Groups?

Life Groups is our small group ministry here at BCOC.  We have become a very large Church body, and we believe that as we grow larger in number we must be intentional about growing smaller.  This is what our Life Groups are designed to do.  We believe in the power of community.  God himself is community as Father, Son, and Spirit.  We were designed to be in community and fellowship with others as well.  As a member of a large Church body, you have an opportunity to engage in a large community that can provide a great deal of encouragement.  However, we also want everyone to have an opportunity to form deep and meaningful relationships in small, intimate environments.  Our Life Groups meet in homes across Johnson/Tarrant County.  There are two versions of these groups as some of them meet once a month and some meet twice a month.  The groups that meet once a month are called “Life Group I’s”, and the groups that meet twice a month are referred to as “Life Group II’s”.  Other than the frequency in which they meet, Life Group I’s and Life Group II’s are the same in purpose and function.  There is usually a meal, plenty of fellowship, conversation, prayer, and discussion over God’s word.  These groups are designed to build significant relationships between us as we journey through Life together.

When Do Life Groups Meet?

Our Life Groups have the option to meet once or twice a month.  Life Group I’s meet on the 1st Sunday of each month at 5:00pm.  Life Group II’s meet on the 1st and 3rd Sundays at 5:00pm.

Where Do Life Groups Meet?

Most all of the Life Groups meet in homes across Johnson/Tarrant County.  Meeting locations typically rotate as members of each group share the responsibility of hosting in their home.  We have one group that meets at our Church building on the 1st and 3rd Sundays at 5:oo pm as well.

How Do I Join a Life Group?

There are a couple of ways you can start the process of joining a Life Group. 1) There are sign up cards on the Welcome Desk in the foyer.  This sign-up card can also be found in the Sunday Newsletter.  Simply fill out the card and drop it in the Life Groups dropbox at the Welcome Desk. or 2) If you are a member, log on to My BCOC and type Life Group in the search box on the groups page.  You can then select the Life Group of your choice, and click the Request to Join button.  A Life Group Leader will then be notified of your interest. Please take the time to do one of the steps mentioned above, and we will get you connected with a Life Group.


– Shay Smith – Life Groups Minister